Eddie Piccard Quartet

Eddie Piccard started out on the jazz scene in Chicago, appearing opposite the likes of Ramsey Lewis and George Shearing at the London House. Later on, Eddie opened his own jazz club in Cedar Rapids, IA.

Jon started performing with Eddie Piccard in 2001, shortly after moving to Cedar Rapids from Pennsylvania. From day one, Jon’s and Eddie’s swinging styles locked together, and the rest is history. They have since enjoyed long-running gigs at the Top of the Five, Bistro on First, and many other restaurants and clubs in Eastern Iowa over the years, as well as concerts, telethons, CD recordings, TV commercials, weddings and even New Orleans-style memorial services.

Alisabeth Von Presley

A rocker raised on a well-balanced diet of Michael Jackson, Pat Benatar, and a plateful of glitter. This Iowa native has left a memorable impact on stages from Los Angeles to New York -- with stops at "American Idol" and "Cabaret In The Courtyard" in between. 

Jon began performing with Alisabeth in 2017, and in 2018 will be touring throughout the U.S. in support of her new album "Diamonds In The Blackout".


Specializing in (but not limited to) the Grateful Dead’s music from 1969 through the late 1970s, Winterland has lit a wildfire of excitement in its growing audiences of fans who flock, in droves, to every single one of their shows … and for good reason: Winterland pulls you back in time to a place where the Dead’s rhythm and blues, folk, and country roots were still deeply embedded in their music even as they explored the wild and experimental frontiers of psychedelic rock. More importantly, though, Winterland channels the music of the Grateful Dead with an uncanny authenticity, a sublime fidelity to the Dead’s musicianship, sound and emotional connection with the audience – that almost indefinable something that, according to audience feedback, Dead fans are currently hard pressed to find outside of Dead and Co. 

Jon has been drumming with Winterland (sometimes in tandem with another drummer!) since 2015.