Hire Jon to play drums on your record!


Selecting from a large assortment of wood and metal snare drums, a variety of modern and vintage drums, shakers, tambourines, sleigh bells, Jon can provide whatever is necessary for your drum track! 

His 420 sq ft tracking room is great for recording live percussion. 


Using microphones from Shure, Audio-Technica, Sennheiser, Focusrite preamps and interfacing, and Logic Pro X, Jon can deliver your drum tracks to your inbox anywhere! 


“Jon was the person who inspired me to first pick up a guitar while in college, and we ended up having a cover band. I've always wanted to get back w/him and do an original track together, but me living in Pennsylvania and he in Iowa made that a little challenging. However, we made it work. I recorded a demo w/vocals to a click track from Pro Tools and sent that to Jon w/some ideas of what I was looking for. Jon then setup some room mics and cut a couple of takes and sent those back to me. We went back and forth like this a few times until we felt we had what we wanted. Jon then mic'd up his kit and recorded the main track along with a couple of additional takes with slightly different fills/etc so I had some options to choose from. He sent me the raw wav files which I imported into Pro Tools and from there I comp'd together final drum track. In the end we got a great professional sounding drum track w/out ever being in the same room with each other!”

-- Kevin Henry - Philadelphia, PA