Praise for Mr. Wilson


"My son Joe has been a student of Jon's for several years.  Jon taught Joe the basics in a multitude of percussion styles and now helps him to expand his experience in the styles that interest Joe the most.  Jon has been so encouraging of Joe, and now my typically shy son feels comfortable playing in the school jazz band, in neighborhood jam sessions, and filling in for our worship praise band.  I'm always impressed with the music history and theory Joe is learning at each lesson, as well.  Joe describes Jon as a "chill" guy who keeps lessons interesting by introducing lots of new techniques that are do-able but also challenging.  Joe looks forward to his lesson each week and plays pretty much daily - by his own choice, no nagging - and I'm tremendously thankful to Jon for his part in that."  

     - Jennie Fischer - Iowa City

"Jon is just impeccable at keeping the beat and keeping it right on - hitting the groove, locking it in and staying there. That's when you see people tapping their feet and swinging."

     - Eddie Piccard - Pianist and Bandleader

“Jon has been working with me on a drum set for four months. I recently retired and had no music experience (quite a daunting task for him). Jon is a tremendous teacher and his patience is endless. He always encourages me to push myself, but never at an uncomfortable pace. The advantage of Jon’s teaching style is he doesn’t just tell me to practice more, he provides simple advice and techniques that help me learn difficult rhythms that I get stuck on. He is always supportive and encouraging, never critical or harsh. I have learned far more than I thought possible in the short time Jon has worked with me.”

     - Ted King - Drum Set Student

"Jon Wilson listens and plays along with a melody better than any drummer I have worked with. He's a dynamic drummer."

     - Natalie Brown - Violinist

"Jon knows a lot about many different percussion instruments so he can help me with everything that comes up in my high school band. He also has a great feel for jazz and helps me tremendously with my pieces in jazz band. I easily get frustrated when I struggle with a difficult part, but Jon always stays positive and calm and helps me through the most challenging tasks. After studying with him for a year, my fellow student’s parents asked me who my percussion teacher is, because they could hear the difference."

     - Michael Takahashi 

“Jon has helped me develop Surf Zombies songs in addition to providing countless drum tracks in the studio for my one man show. Always puts a smile on my face when he is tracking. Usually a one take wonder. Now Jon is coaching me on drums. Such a good teacher. Jon has also stepped in for a few Surf Zombies shows and did an incredible job. Not only that, he's working on his guitar skills; so we have a lot in common there. If you need a top notch drum teacher or drummer, Jon Wilson would be the first guy to come to my mind.”

     - Brook Hoover - Guitarist, The Surf Zombies, Black Door Recording Studio, Cedar Rapids

"Studying drums with Jon was hands down one of the most beneficial choices I made as a musician. Whether he was helping me with a song or subject I brought to the table, or showing me new genres and ideas of his own, Jon always pushed me to my limits and helped me reach my full potential as a drummer every week. He inspired me to set new goals for myself that I continue working towards to this day. I will forever be grateful for the time I spent learning from him!"

     - Aaron Knight - Iowa City